The all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom made its South East Asian premiere today in the region’s luxury lighthouse – Singapore. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars chose the Esplanade on Marina Bay, a preeminent venue for visual and performance arts in the heart of the lion city, as the venue to showcase its new pinnacle product.

The launch showcased the illustrious history of Phantom since 1925, a reveal area showcasing the Extended Wheelbase version of New Phantom, and an intimate lounge wherein customers and media could sample the luscious materials that go in to the car, or try their hand at the configurators for near-limitless Bespoke possibilities.

Speaking at the launch, Paul Harris, Regional Director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific said, “New Phantom is a truly exceptional automobile – one that symbolises the power of presence, manifests influential power and showcases authentic handcrafted quality as only Rolls-Royce knows how.”

“In addition, with cutting-edge innovations like our unique Architecture of Luxury, a ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ experience enhanced to near-silence, and possibilities of displaying Bespoke art, we are confident that New Phantom will once again take its place at the peerless pinnacle of the super-luxury landscape,” said Mr. Harris.

Executive Chairman of Eurokars Group of Companies, Mr. Karsono Kwee, also added, “Singapore has always been an important market for Rolls-Royce, with a high concentration of highly successful individuals and a keen focus on luxury within the city. We are honoured to be the chosen location for the South East Asian premiere of New Phantom, and we expect to see strong interest in the car with our customers here.”

Available in both Standard and Extended Wheelbase versions, New Phantom offers a thoroughly contemporary design interpretation of Rolls-Royce DNA – one that symbolizes sheer power of presence.

The Magic Carpet Ride experience is also enhanced to levels of near-silence on New Phantom, thanks to integration of a slew of new technologies and an all-new twin-turbocharged V12 engine capable of delivering effortless progress to any destination.

Underneath its sculpted skin, an all-new aluminium ‘Architecture of Luxury’ further enables New Phantom to be lighter, stiffer and quieter. This innovation is unique to Rolls-Royce, and will underpin every future model in time to come starting with Cullinan due to arrive in 2019.

A divine selection of materials have been placed in artisans’ hands to be placed thoughtfully throughout the car’s interior. As a result, being inside New Phantom is akin to entering a luxury hotel suite – a lifestyle not unknown to patrons of the marque.

A selection of rear seating options is available on New Phantom, from lounge to individual formats. Technology hidden until required, leaving only the visual majesty of curated wood, leather and billeted metal for all to admire.

The centerpiece of New Phantom is ‘The Gallery’ – a notion that reinterprets the motor car’s dashboard for the first time in 100 years. A piece of hardened glass spans the entire length of the dashboard, and this sets the stage for patrons to display spectacular works of art if they desire.

Whether it is traditional art media, or material fascination with wood, fabrics or metal, or even displaying personal memorabilia like a vintage baseball card collection, Rolls-Royce welcomes challenges to convention with this new Bespoke capability. Patrons will even be able to work with their favourite artist to create one-of-a-kind installations.

With this near limitless degree of personalisation now available to patrons, there is little doubt that New Phantom will stand peerless at the pinnacle of luxury, a creation truly one, of one.

New Phantom was presented in Singapore today in an exquisite Belladonna Purple, with a two-tone contrast interior finished in Arctic White and Purple Silk.

First deliveries of the car are expected in Q1 of 2018.

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